Who are We?

Why did we start this site?

On Tammie’s birthday, Blaine, her husband, decided to do something fun for her and her girlfriends where they could enjoy a day at the Parks together and do something new and novel while out there. Sure going out and drinking around the World is awesome, but it’s been done, and done again. So Blaine cooked up the idea to start a scavenger hunt; he would text the girls with silly rhymes as a puzzle and they would have to solve it sending a picture back to confirm they solved the riddle. It was a blast and it wasn’t long before the girls were looking to plan another hunt. After the next couple of hunts were organized, Tammie said to Blaine that this really should be a website so everyone could join in on the fun. And so, ScavengEars.com was born.

The idea is simple, we want to share a whole new way to explore and have fun at Disney. At the same time, if we can build a community around people who like to find new and unique stuff at the parks, well that would be pretty awesome too. We want to go beyond just the hidden Mickeys; don’t get us wrong we love looking for those too but this goes deeper. We want to see the parks, and it’s hidden treasures, up close. Sometimes we can get so lost in the grandeur of the parks themselves that we can sometimes miss the details. So come with us on an adventure and look at Disney in a whole new way.

Who are we?

The staff at ScavengEars are an intrepid group of Disneyphiles and here is a little bio on each of us:


Hello everyone! To all who come to this magical place, welcome! ( I always wanted to write that. ). I started ScavengEars.com after my wife suggested it. Frankly I’ve never written a blog before and never much cared to; but this idea really intrigued me and I loved the idea of sharing all the silly rhymes I came up with on the scavenger hunts I’ve made. I really enjoy running the game, so to speak; so it made a lot of sense for me to build this blog where I can essentially run the game for everyone! Please feel free to write me, or any of us for that matter, and help us build a really fun community around finding those real hidden gems that make the Disney parks so special to us.

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Profile coming soon. (They’re lazy)


Profile coming soon. (They’re lazy)


Walt Disney World has always had a huge place in my heart. I love everything about being there! I love discovering new places in the park, meeting different people from all over the world, seeing so many smiles from first time visitors, and so much more! When Blaine planned this super fun girls day for us to hunt around the park I couldn’t help but get excited, just like a little kid. When he came up with this plan to share experiences like we had, with people from all over, I couldn’t wait for him to get started. We had such a blast that day, as I hope, during your next park experience, you all do too!!! Happy Hunting!!!