How to Play

As Walt used to say, sometimes it’s the details you don’t notice that are the most important. As a Guest, you may not know why you’re feeling what you’re feeling, but you’re definitely feeling it.”
– Chris Beatty, Creative Director, New Fantasyland

Say I say, let’s go find those details!

How to play

There are two ways to play, solo/cooperative and ScavengeMaster. Here’s the rough idea, in cooperative or solo play you browse through the site on your smart phone while at Disney picking clues and doing your best to find them all. In ScavengeMaster play you take the clues from the site, provide them to your group, and they go and find the clues based on your instructions. Both are a heck of a lot of fun. Being a ScavengeMaster gives you the ability to immerse your friends in a game you can craft yourself, the sky is the limit! Read on for more details on how to use the site and some tricks on being a a ScavengeMaster and running your own game.

Finding clues on this site

All clues for the game are in the Scavenger Hunt category and are sub-categorized by the park or property where you will find the clue, such as Magic Kingdom. Within the post itself you will find each one to be tagged with the general location of the clue, such as Main Street USA, followed by whether it’s easy, medium, or hard. Each post contains at least a Primary Clue and may contain other hints to help you in your search.

The primary clue is automatically revealed when you visit the post, but click on any of the other clues to help you. Everything is ordered from least revealing to most revealing. What that means is that the clues at the top of the post just give you general hints; but the further you go down on the post the more things are revealed to you. Clues that are safe to view without revealing too much are in green. Clues that don’t exactly give it away but give more detail are in pink. Clues that straight up give it away are in red. At the bottom of the post you will be able to see a picture of the thing your looking for, a full description on how to get there, and even a GPS navigation map that leads you right to it!

We recommend browsing through the site using the location tags based on where you are in the parks. That way, you can enjoy all of the clues for wherever you are in the parks and discover a while new way to look at Disney!

The Primary Clue

The Primary Clue is usually a silly rhyme composed as a riddle. Look at the words very carefully as certain words carry a lot of meaning. Let’s say you are looking at a clue that is categorized as “Magic Kingdom” and tagged as “Main Entrance”. The primary clue reads, “Once you are though, find the ears near where dreams come true!” In this clue, “Once you are through” refers to getting through the turnstiles and “near where dreams come true” refers to the sign at the main entrance that reads “The Place Where Dreams Come True”. Finally, “find the ears” refers to the large Mickey shaped ears at the center of the gardens, and that is what you’re supposed to find!

See if you can find it with just the primary clue; but if you need more help, the other clues are there to help. Keep reading.

The Title is Also a Clue

In our example clue above the Title of the clue is, “Ear Garden”. If you look carefully the word “Garden” clues you in that you’re looking for some kind of vegetation and “Ear” refers to the Mickey Ear you’re looking for; so the title itself is referring to the large Mickey Ear topiary that is at the main entrance.

The Other Clues

Here is a list of all the other possible clues that can appear:

  • Secondary Clue: This is another rhyme that should give a different perspective on the clue to find. Just like the Primary Clue, read the words carefully.
  • Viewing Level: This helps you orient your view to make sure you’re looking in the general direction. Commonly this is something like, “Eye Level”, “On the Ground”, or even something like “In the Sky”.
  • Extra Hint(s): There may be a couple of extra hints that are in non-rhyme form and can help you locate the clue. These are much more revealing so use these only when you’re stumped.
  • How to Find it: If you’ve exhausted all your options and you just need directions, this is a step-by-step guide with the starting point as a major landmark such as the main entrance, or Spaceship Earth.
  • Navigation using Google Maps: All clues on ScavengEars features the exact GPS coordinates of the clue. We send a special link to Google Maps that will give you turn-by-turn navigation straight to it! Use this as your last resort of course because it’s super cheating.
  • Picture: This is a picture of what the clue looks like.


So you want to be a ScavengeMaster eh? Well intrepid soul, we welcome you to the Troupe of ScavengeMasters! Hosting a game is relatively straight forward; get the clue from this site, send it to your friends, and let ’em find the clue. But to be a real ScavengeMaster you must enhance the magic and make it even better!

Feel free to make up your own rules and adaptations (be sure to tell us about your house rules so we can share them on the site). However here are some general rules we recommend for your group:

  • First to Take a Picture Wins: The winner of the clue is the first person who brings back a picture of the clue. That could mean they physically bring you a picture from their camera phone, or, perhaps they send it via text.
  • No Cheating: Players should not visit this site while searching for the clue. That’s just wrong.
  • No Running: We hate to sound like your Mom here, but seriously don’t run in the park; it’s dangerous.
  • Points for Finding Clues: Each clue is worth 10 points at the start. Each time another hint is sent a point is deducted. So if the secondary clue, viewing location, and an extra hint is sent the clue is only worth 7 points.

Here are some tips that we recommend to make the game experience for your group that much more magical:

  • Use Text Messages: Copy a clue from the site and paste it into a group SMS message (it might be a good idea to be on an unlimited text message plan first).
  • Share More Hints in Time: Give your group a set amount of time (5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever) before sending the next hint. Remember to deduct a point each time another hint is sent.
  • Designate a Rally Point: When playing the game where people have to bring you back a picture make sure to designate a specific rally point where they must meet you. Now, does that rally point need to be clear and obvious? Of course not! Use this as inspiration to become the hunted. 🙂 Let them find the clue, then find you! (That’s a rhyme!)
  • Build a Circuit: Make a circuit of clues in various areas of the park or do a grand-rally of clues throughout all the parks!
  • Make the General Location Another Clue: Don’t tell them the clue is in Tomorrowland for example. Instead, start your group on Main Street and make up your own clue as to where the actual clue is. Oh and please share your clues with us so we can share them with everyone.
  • Have Fun! Remember this game is all about exploring Disney in a whole new way. Make your own magic and have a good time.